About Elaine Marshall

I am a lifelong writer with a master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley and many years of professional writing experience, including for major media outlets.

For about the last 10 years I have been writing almost exclusively about functional medicine for one of the most important pioneers in the field, as well for many functional medicine practitioners.

I have become increasingly captivated by the field of functional neurology and how it intersects with functional medicine — the brain influences the body and the body influences the brain. It’s obvious complete health care requires the integration of these two fields.

Functional neurology explained

The more I wanted to learn about functional neurology the more frustrated I became. There is very little information about it online. When practitioners talk about it, they often use terminology that goes over the average person’s head. It’s difficult to grasp the most basic concepts when you’re not an expert in brain anatomy and physiology.

I realized the internet needs functional neurology explained for the regular person, and that is where this site comes in. Through interviews with everyday practitioners and some more notable experts, I hope to distill the information so it is easily absorbed and digested, including by struggling brains that need support.