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In this episode, Dr. David Rosenthal explains how we can detect brain development dysfunction as early as in newborns. Once you understand some early neurological development basics, you can watch your baby for signs of milestones that aren’t happening or happening unevely. Likewise, he explains the neurology behind intuition and why parents should trust theirs even if a doctor brushes them off. Catching these signs early can alert you to an increased risk of autism, ADD, ADHD, tics, and so on so you can take action sooner rather than later and help the brain get on track. Whether a baby cries too much or is too lethargic, paying attention to subtleties can help you steer your baby’s brain in the right direction sooner rather than later with some functional neurology help. Dr. Rosenthal is presenting at the 2017 IAFNR functional neurology conference ( You can learn more about Dr. Rosenthal at

With host Elaine Marshall.