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In this episode, Dr. Chad Larson talks about dopamine, the neurotransmitter that may be responsible for the evolution of life itself. You’ll learn about the role of dopamine in motivation, feelings of pleasure and reward, and self-worth, and the connection between dopamine and addiction. You’ll also learn symptoms of low dopamine, such as lack of motivation, bouts of rage, and general lethargy. You may think the obvious solution is to take a dopamine supplement, but Dr. Larson offers a surprising and sustainable approach that can start improving your dopamine activity in the right parts of the brain today.  This is a very useful and enlightening talk.

Dr. Chad Larson practices in Solana Beach, California and his speech topic at the IAFNR 2017 functional neurology conference is The Great Motivator: How Dopamine Deficiency Hijacks Your Ability to Get Shit Done.

With host Elaine Marshall.